If you ever felt stuck on what to post on Social Media – we have created a handy free social media hashtag planner for you. Say goodbye to social media stress with our 2020 Social Media Planner #Hashtags – free Excel template, with all the Australian and some most celebrated Worldwide holidays marked with their corresponding hashtags.

Here at Savvy Lime, we like to quote Benjamin Franklin “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” A lot. It must be a thing. We also like to plan and planning goes hand in hand with a calendar! So we’ve created this handy 2020 social media planner that includes hashtags.

The good thing about the calendar year is its predictability – February Valentine’s Days always follows January festivities and you know that Mother’s day is always on the 10th of May, so plan accordingly! It just pays to be organised, especially when it comes to Social Media. Once you see the big picture, it helps you deliver a consistent message through your social media channels. Of course, you do not have to use all of the hashtags, this is just a guide, and depending on the voice of your brand and your social media strategy you will pursue only the most relevant hashtags.

Feel free to use as many or as little as you like. Simply fill out the rest of the days with your own hashtags – which are relevant to your business and follow the schedule – this is a “shake and bake” equivalent of a social media calendar, but very handy none the less.

Now, take note that this Social Media Planner is designed with a general Australian calendar in mind, and it’s not state-specific, although it does contain some international and religious holiday dates, if you are looking for some specific dates, just make sure to add your country-specific holidays’ hashtags. This planner contains some United Nations Holidays in 2020 as well. Download the Excel File below: