Creating a good website is a good investment for your business. Every business, no matter what size needs two things, a good logo and a good website. The answer to the “Why does my business needs a website?” is very simple: your website is your virtual foundation, your online bedrock that supports all your digital marketing efforts. Your website is the number one online sales tool that can help you get new customers and interact with existing customers.

The website can act as a “sales funnel”, generate enquiries or help you sell your products online through an eCommerce store, help your customers book an appointment with you, educate your audience through a blog, or promote your nonprofit cause and organisation, build interactive communities through a forum and much, much more!

By having a website and strong online presence you are instilling confidence in your products and services – your customers and potential customers are far more likely to trust in your brand, buy your products from you and use your services if you have a good website. Your website makes it easy for your customers to order from you, again and again.

Having a strong website allows potential customers (leads) to reach your business online, read all about your business – from your perspective because you will be the one controlling the content on your website. It does not matter if you have an established business or if you are just starting out – you do need a strong website.

A strong website will usually have several of these features:

  • Ease of use – this is called Good User Experience (UX)
  • Is responsive – which means the website will adapt to any device – laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone etc
  • Is optimised for mobile viewing – it loads fast on smartphones (iPhone etc)
  • Has well-structured content and clear website navigation
  • Clean, uncluttered design to reflect your brand
  • Is secured with an SSL Certificate
  • Has a clear way to contact you, online or/and in person
  • A way to sign up to your mailing list, newsletter etc
  • Connection to your CRM
  • Original Content, words, images and photographs (stock photos do not promote trust!)
  • Has all the Terms & Conditions, Returns & Cancellation Policy and Privacy Statement clearly outlined.

Utilise “Design Thinking”

What I mean by design thinking, is you are building a website with a purpose in mind. You are building your website so your customer can use it. Your website should be built with your customer in mind. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, what are they looking for? Ask yourself these questions:

What feature will make it easier for them? How can you improve your customer service? How can you create additional value for your customers interacting with your business online? Are there some features of your business that can be automated – to ease the pain of your customers? It is best to adopt a humanistic approach to your website. Time is money and if you value your customers time they will appreciate it.

If you are in business for your customers, you want to make them happy, – if you care about your customers and you want to make it easy for them to find your business, find the products that you sell, and services you offer – deep down you already know the answer and appreciate the true value of a good website and why any business would benefit from having a GOOD website!